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Dinger Club Finals

Here is what you need to know about the Dinger Club Finals. 

Nov 4th Trussville (Address: 300 Pump House Rd Trussville Alabama)

Nov 11th Montgomery (Address: 8700 Minne Brown Rd Montgomery Alabama)

We will have TWO events in ONE.   First, it’s the Toys for Tots tournament event with Santa and the Marine Corp. We will have a park full of people.  Bring a toy to donate! 

Check list:

  1. Fill out your paper work by Oct 15thand email us:  We need Parents Name and Contact info,  Player Name, Team Name, Coaches Name (contact info)  and most importantly Jersey Size (shirt size)
  2. Toy for Toys for Tots Donation at the gate with Santa!
  3. Dinger Ring for a Dinger Club Picture at 12:45pm on Field 1
  4. Your baseball bat, helmet, cleats.
  5. Athletic dress attire. (Team hat and shorts)
  6. Cost $10 – Pay at the Jersey fitting area! 

Who, What, When Where Why:

Arrive at 11:00am to check in. 

11:15am we will start sizing and making shirts

12:15pm warm up in the cages for 5 mins. (don’t hog the cages up, 10 swings and move on)

12:45pm Dinger Club starts on Field 1 at Trussville and Fain Park (Then we will split everyone up)

2:15 Dinger Club finals will be over.   You’re gonna ask “What do we win?”   Answer TBA, but it’s nice!

Dinger Club North


Arendall, Miller – Tuskaloosa Chiefs 11U

Baker, Reese – 12u Madison Outlaws

Bell, Max – 8U North Al Braves

Bell, Max –8U Braves

Bennett, Tyrell – 8U Edge

Berry, Chandler Esb 7u

Berry, Sam – Warriors 9U

Bishop, Sam – 12u V Ram Baseball

Bradford, Landry – 15U Dynasty

Brannon, Trevin – 7u Dogs

Brewer, Mason – 8U Speed

Capps – 12U Wolfpack

Colbert, Aydan – 12U Blitz

Cole, Addison – Shockers 12U

Conner, Jake – 12U Sox

Cottingham, Granham – 8U Speed

Dickerson, Riley – 8U Braves

Duckworth – 12U Wolfpack

Durham, Bryson – Chattanooga Fury

Duster, Dylan – 12U Blitz

Foster, Cole – Birmingham Giants 11U

Frazier, Robert – Christian Athletics

French, Rider – 8U Edge

Gardner, Jake – 12U Sox

Golden, Jace – Shockers 12U

Gowan, Brody – 8U Edge

Griggs, Blake – Ft. Payne Wildcats

Harbin, Charlie – 12U Storm

Harwack, Tristan – Bama Patriots 8U

Heath, Sam – Warriors 9U

Heatherly – 12U Aces

Hennessee, Hayden – 8U Storm

Holder, Tyler – 12u Madison Outlaws

Howard, Mack – Shockers 8U

Hubbard, Austin – 11U Chiefs

Hyatt, Chandler – Arab Knights

Isbell, Jacob – 8U Speed

Jackson, Malcolm – Ft. Payne Wildcats

Justice, Drew – 11U Hero Baseball

King, Eli  - NABC 11U SOX

Lamberth, Glavine – Shockers 12U

Langston, Will – Homewood Bandits 12U

 Layne, Hudson –8U Braves

Little, Grayson – Trussville Husky Red 7u

Livingston, JD – Homewood Bandits 12U

Lloyd, Brooks – Trussville Husky Red 7u

Martinez,  Grant – St. Clair Storm

McCleon, DJ – Prime Time Baseball 9U

Medley, Parker – 12U Bulls

Mize, Will – Heat 12U

Murphy, Cooper – Arab Knights

Murray, William – Heat 12U

Newsome, Cole – 8U Speed

Oliver, Brannon – Ft. Payne Wildcats

Parent Charlie – Bama Patriots 8U

Peters, Jonathan – Homewood Bandits 12U

Pierce, Colby – Shockers 12U

Pierce, Tyler – Shockers 12U

Price, Caison - North Alabama Braves 8u

Richardson, Luke – Heat Baseball 10U

Ross, Jack – Homewood Bandits 12U

Ross, Jack – Homewood Bandits 12U

Salter, Jackson – Prime Time Baseball 9U

Savage, Brody – Trussville Husky Red 7u

Scharfhaur, Bennett – Shockers 12U

Schram, Breyan – Voodoo 7u

Simms – 12U Spartans

Upton, Brydger – The Alabama Legends 12U

Wallace, Wyatt – 8u Storm

Ware, Rah – Christian Athletics 

Whited, Kable – Voodoo 7u

Whorton, Cooper – Warriors 9U

Wideman, Jackson – Trussville Husky Red 7u

Williams, Laythan-George – Homewood Bandits 12U

Williams, Spencer – Madison Outlaws 12U

Willis, Kade – 12U Sox

Yother, Evan – Shockers 12U

Dinger Club South


Bass, Chase – Bandits 12U

Bedgood #24 – Combat 11u

Braswell, JB – Montgomery Mayhem 11U

Brayden Burdette – Wingnuts Prattville 7U

Bryson Carr – Wingnuts Prattville 7U

Buchurron, Jayden – CLP Bulls 11U

Burdette, Brayden – Prattville Wingnuts 7U

Byrd, Kendorian “Bug” – Top Notch Athletics 8U

Chamblee #11 – Montgomery mayhem

Crum, Mason – Prattville Wingnuts 7U

Antwone #6 – Auburn Cubs 11u

Diamaduros, Charlie – Prattville Wingnuts 7U

Driver, Jacob #15 – Sox 12U

Driver, Mike #5 – Sox 12U

Dutton, Sawyer –  stixx 8u

Edwards , Cade - Ballers 12U 

Edwards, Cade #12 – Sox 12U

Gunn Kannon – Prattville Wingnuts 7U

Harris, Jacob – Rockets 8U

Haskins, Karsen – CLP 7U

Hathcock, Bry #8 – Bandits 12U

Hollenquest, Lexon – Bandits 12U

Jones, Chase – Yellow Hammers 12U

Kannon Gunn – Wingnuts Prattville 7U

Lawrence, Triston – Prattville Wingnuts 7U

Mabson, Omar  11u

McGuire, Tyshawn – Rays 12U

McKinney, Thad – Alabama Tribe 11U

Miller, Kam – Bandits 12U

Porter – Stix 8U

Rawlins Tubbs – Wingnuts Prattville 7U

Robinson, Quinten – Montgomery Mayhem 10U

Shepard, H. – Rockets 8U

Smith, Bryce – Prattville Wingnuts 7U

Stallworth, Jackson – Bandits 12U

Tolliver, Devon #22 – Montgomery Mayhem 8U

Triston Lawrence – Wingnuts Prattville 7U

Tubbs, Rawlins – Prattville Wingnuts 7U

Vincent # 18 – Montgomery Marlins 11u

Whale, Houston – Blue Sox 12U

Whitt, Brock  – Alabama tribe 11u

Williams, Sandrell #70 – Triton Rays 12U

Yelder,  Ashton -  Ballers 12U 


Brown, Draden #2 - Millbrook Dingers

Matthew #34 – 10U

Mitchell, Patton #5 - Montgomery Brewers 9U

Sharpless, Land #34 - Montgomery Brewers 9U

Fall 2018

The new 2018-19 season begins August 1. As usual, we spent a lot of time evaluating our program and looking for ways to improve. We’re excited to announce several changes that we believe will position BPA Alabama as THE premiere baseball organization in the state!

First, we’re excited to announce the addition of Dee Black to our staff! Dee brings almost 20 years of experience putting on high quality tournaments in Alabama and the southeast. Dee’s innovative ideas will be a HUGE asset as we move into a new season. Be on the lookout for big announcements about FUN tournaments in the near future!

Second, the sanction process has been streamlined. You can now login to your BPA user account that you created this past season (or create a new account if needed) and within that account you can create your team(s), pay your sanction fee, purchase insurance, and enter your online roster. We hope this will make things much simpler.

Third, we are doing a pilot program for a Grade Exemption rule. This rule will allow up to 2 players on a team who may be a little too old by age guidelines, but are in the same grade. 



Matt Hamilton

 Area Director




David Lockridge

State Director





Dee Black

 Area Director



BPA Alabama Baseball Tournaments



Effective August 1, 2016, all teams are REQUIRED to purchase BPA insurance.
After getting your sanction number, call Ann Marie at (800) 318-7709 and ask for the “Alabama BPA League” price.
Any team that does not purchase a full policy through Westpoint MUST purchase a weekend policy for each tournament in which they participate.


All teams MUST present an official BPA roster with ALL required information, including signatures. A signed copy of the roster is required for each tournament before a team will be allowed to play any games.


Any coach, player, or spectator who is ejected must leave the complex immediately and will be suspended for the following game in the same tournament.





 To be eligible to play in a BPA Alabama baseball tournament
teams should complete the following steps.

1.  Complete the online sanction form at playbpa.
2.  Pay sanction fee here to receive sanction number.
3.  Complete the online roster form.
4.  Call Ann Marie at (800) 318-7709 to get insurance.
Be sure to ask for the Alabama BPA League rate.

All teams MUST present proof of insurance and a copy of their roster
at every BPA Alabama baseball tournament.

Discounted Insurance Rates


8 & Under $61.00
10 & Under $64.00
12 & under $71.00
14 & Under $77.00
16 & Under $84.00




Contact a
tournament director
for more information or to enter
a tournament.

David Lockridge

State Director

Matt Hamilton

NE Bama Area Director


Andy Foxx

NE Bama Area Director





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